10 takeaways from today’s Panamagate Case hearing


  1. Justice Ejaz Afzal said that the joint investigation team’s (JIT) findings against the Sharif family are not binding on the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
  2. Petitioners in the case have concluded their arguments and lawyers for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif have started to present his case in the apex court.
  3. The PTI’s lawyer Naeem Bukhari accused the Sharif family of presenting false documents and said that a criminal case could be filed against them.
  4. Jamaat-e-Islami lawyer Taufiq Asif stated that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is no longer Sadiq and Ameen and fingers can be pointed towards him.
  5. Justice Ejaz Afzal asked whether Qatari prince’s letter is bogus or whether the story regarding it is bogus.
  6. Naeem Bukhari said that the JIT found out the London flats to be owned by Maryam Nawaz, adding that it did not find any mention of the London flats in the hereditary distribution of the Sharifs.
  7. Naeem Bukhari said that the JIT found out Aziziya Steel Mills was sold for 42 million riyals, not 63 million riyals.
  8. Justice Ejaz Afzal said that it was necessary to carry out investigation due to the nature of the allegations.
  9. The prime minister’s lawyer Khawaja Harris said that the JIT’s documents cannot be accepted as evidence in the case as it is not based on solid evidence.
  10. Khawaja Harris said that the joint investigation team broke the law while collecting evidence and also exceeded its mandate.

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Story first published: 17th July 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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