18 Killed, 90 Wounded In Baghdad Blasts


Baghdad (June 07, 2018): A pair of explosions ripped through a mosque in a mostly Shiite district of Iraq’s capital on Wednesday, killing at least 18 worshippers, including two children, security officials said.

They said the blasts in Baghdad’s Sadr City district also wounded 90 people, almost completely destroyed the mosque and damaged several nearby houses.

Police said that the terrorists were shifting explosive material from a depot in Sadr City when it exploded on Wednesday night. Iraq’s defence minister declares the blast as terrorism.

Whereas international media reported that the blasts occurred at a weapons depot in Sadr City. According to the details the weapons were stored inside the mosque, which is frequented by supporters of Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shiite cleric whose supporters once fought American troops in Iraq in the years after the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.Al-Sadr’s followers won the largest number of seats in Iraq’s May 12 parliamentary elections but would have to form a coalition government with other blocs in a process that could drag on for months.

The incident has occurred at a crucial time when the old political elite defeated by Al-Sadr’s coalition, which includes the secularists, is seeking a recount of the votes.

Al-Sadr also commands a government-backed paramilitary force, which took part in the nearly three-year war against Daesh, which had in 2013 and 2014 seized large swathes of Iraq’s territory.

Iraq declared victory over Daesh last year, but the group retains pockets in western and northern Iraq and continues to stage attacks on the security forces.

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