19 days on, no clue to Kasur missing child


By Mehar Shafique

KASUR: Police have failed to recover a five-year-old child who had gone missing 19 days ago from Kasur, family said.

Faiq had gone out to buy candies on March 24 before he went missing.

An FIR was registered at B-division police station and a special team was constituted to find the child.

Distraught parents have accused the police of putting pressure on them. “Instead of finding my child, they are pressurizing us by conducting an inquiry against our family members,” Faiq’s mother Nazia said.

“Police are using delaying tactics and have done nothing,” Haji Saif, a neighbour, told SAMAA.

Ashraf, another area’s resident, said the parents were afraid of sending their children even to school. “No one would dare to commit such a crime if one criminal was made an example,” he said.

Muhammad Amin, the father of 7-year-old Zainab who was raped and killed in Kasur earlier this year, demanded that government install cameras across the city. “The government had approved installation of 600 surveillance cameras in the city. The project should be completed as soon as possible,” he said.

Police have no clue to the boy’s whereabouts.

“Search operations are being conducted and geofencing was being used to solve the case,” DSP City Chaudhry Saeed said.

This comes three months after the rape and murders of eight children by a convicted serial killer had terrified parents in Kasur. The murder of seven-year-old Zainab became the tipping point in January when her body was found on a rubbish heap in Kasur.

Zainab, according to Punjab officials, was the 12th child found raped and murdered in the city within a two-kilometre radius in the last two years.

Story first published: 11th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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