3 Palestinian children killed as Israel military strikes besieged Gaza

3 Palestinian children killed as Israel military strikes besieged Gaza
Three Palestinian minors aged between 12 and 14 were killed on Sunday after they were hit by an Israeli shell in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf Qidrah said that Red Crescent ambulances evacuated the bodies of the minors from the border fence near Khan Younis and Deir Balah to Shuhada al-Aqsa Hospital.

The casualties are: Khaled Abu Sa’id, 14, Abdul Hamid Adu Daher, 13, and Mohamed al-Satri, 13.

Sometime earlier, Israeli air raids targeted the eastern corners of Deir Balah.

The Israeli military claimed a warplane struck an anti-occupation cell made up of three people as they were trying to implant explosive devices near the borders with Israel.

The occupation forces prevented ambulances from reaching the scene to tend to the wounded. The children’s bodies were found lying on the ground, covered with blood.

Head of the Palestinian Media Office in Gaza, Salam Maarouf, said Israel’s murder of the three children is another chain in the Israeli crimes against civilians, among them women, persons with disabilities, journalists, and paramedics, who pose no threat, whatsoever.

“This is a new crime against humanity. The entire world should take urgent action in response to Israel’s simmering terrorism,” he added.

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