Earthquake tremors felt in Islamabad
An earthquake measuring 4.4 magnitude on the Richter scale was recorded on Saturday that jolted the federal capital along with its adjoining areas.

According to the Met officials, the depth of the quake was 176 kilometres inside the with its epicenter being deduced to be the Afghanistan-Tajikistan border.

Many came out of their houses in fear reciting religious verses and seeking refuge and asking for mercy from the Almighty.

An earthquake jolted different parts of Gilgit on March 26.Tremors were felt in Jaglot, Thaleji, Astur and adjoining areas. According to the initial reports the magnitude, depth and the epicentre of the earthquake remained unknown.

After tremors, the people of the area came out of their house by reciting Kalma-e-Tayyaba, in order to save themselves from any hazard.

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