4 reasons you need to hit the beach now!


We don’t need to remind you the elation one feels while unwinding at the beach – it’s a natural detox in itself. That lazy Sunday at the French Beach or Hawk’s Bay is all we need for the perfect outing with friends and family.

Watermelons crown iftar tables

But there’s much more to it. A day close to the water and under the sun, does not merely make for good recreation but imparts physiological benefits to your body. As compiled from bestofnj.com, here’s why you need to make beach plans ASAP.

1) Restores Vitamin D levels in the body



Vitamin D deficiency is a common phenomenon these days and the cause? Not enough sun exposure. When your skin comes into contact with UV rays, your body produces vitamin D naturally which is essential to the health of your bones, your immune system. Not just that but this heroic vitamin also helps figh certain forms of cancer. Although it is advisable to wear sunblock to protect your skin from the sun, some degree of your skin needs unobstructed exposure to the sunlight for some time to reap benefits. And what better way to optimise sunlight exposure than a day at the beach.

2) Salt water soothes skin

warm water

Does your skin feel fresher and revitalised after a swim in the sea. That is because salt water scrubs your skin and washes off impurities. If you suffer from skin diseases like eczema, a swim in the warm waters may in fact, treat your condition.

3) Swimming in cold water improves asthma



A study conducted by Finnish men revealed that a swim in the cold water acts as an antidote to fatigue and tension, plus treats rheumatism and asthma. So the health benefits of swimming in the cold sea water extend beyond building muscles and keeping fit.

4) Being close to nature relieves you from anxiety



Mental and physical health are deeply entwined and a day at the beach does wonders to your mental health. Numerous studies suggest that being close to nature alleviates stress and improves mental and emotional well-being. Reportedly, humans enter a relaxed, meditative state which reduces the stress hormones and renders the person happier. So the splash of the choppy waves, the cooing of birds, and the warm breeze at the beach – all lower your stress levels.

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