80 motorcyclists attack traffic police check post in Rawalpindi | Pakistan



RAWALPINDI: Nearly 80 motorcyclists attacked Rawalpindi’s traffic police’s Chandni Chowk check post after their fellows were arrested for one-wheeling on Friday.

The motorcyclists took traffic wardens hostage and attempted to set a government-owned car on fire.

Seven suspects were arrested and an operation against one-wheeling is underway, a Rawalpindi traffic police official said.

Warden officer Suhail Shehzad was seriously injured after attackers opened fire on him, a spokesperson for the traffic police said.

“The crackdown against one-wheeling will continue throughout Ramazan,” Wajid Sasti said. “24 FIRs have been registered against one-wheelers to date, and a total of 26 suspects have been arrested.” 


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