9th Muharram Processions Underway Across Pakistan


The processions, taken out to commemorate the sacrifices of Imam Hussain (RA) and his 72 companion in Karbala, will culminate at their designated destinations in the evening. 

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Strict security arrangements have been made with the routes of the procession being sealed and deployment of heavy contingents of police and paramilitary force to guard the processions.In Islamabad, the main procession was taken out from Markazi Imbargah G-6 Islamabad which is passing through its traditional routes.

Tight security arraignments have been made as the Fazle-e-Haq road passing near the Imbargah has been closed by police to avoid any incident. Snipers have been posted at high-rise buildings along the route of the procession.More than 3500 security staff including police personnel and rangers, have been deployed in Islamabad and the procession will be monitored with CCTV cameras.In Rawalpindi, the main mourning procession emerged from Imambargah Chittiyan Hattiyan and will culminate late in the night.

In Faisalabad, Police and paramilitary force personnel carried out a Flag March passing through different areas particularly in the sensitive areas. Several processions will be taken out from different areas of the city.In Karachi the main procession of 9th Muharram emerged from Nishtar Park and while passing through its tradition routes will culminate at Imambargah Hussainia Irania at Kharader in the evening.

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Before the procession, a majlis was held at Nishter Park where religious scholars shed light on the life and sacrifices of Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions.

Tight security arraignments have been made and MA Jinnah road from Numaish to Kharadar has been closed for all type of traffic and people are not allowed to enter or cross it on foot. The road will also be closed on Sunday, 10th Muharram.The main procession in Peshawar was be taken from Husaina Imambargah. Other large and small procession were also taken out in different areas of the city.

In Lahore, the main procession emerged from Pandu street Islampura. The procession will pass though its traditional routes and will culminate in then night.

Police has searched every house on the procession routes to ensure fool proof security. Over 3000 security personnel have been deployed in the city.In Rohri, 9th Muharram procession was taken out from Imam Bargah Shah Iraq under tight security. The procession will culminate at Mandu Khabar after passing through its traditional route.A Large number of mourners from Sukkur and other districts are participating in the procession. Tight security arrangements have been made for the safety of the mourners.

Mobile phone services have been suspended in several cities including Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore and other area.

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