WEB DESK: A man’s obsession with his designer deerskin jacket causes him to blow his life savings and turn to crime.

The movie to be released end of this month.

The movie opens with a series of young people placing their jackets in a car trunk, repeating the line “I swear never to wear a jacket as long as I live.” We think we’re watching some eccentric environmental vow. But no.

Moments later, we meet Georges (Dujardin), a handsome, slightly chunky-looking middle-aged man with a greying beard, hair swept back and a general air of fretful distraction.

At a roadside restroom, he takes off his corduroy jacket and tries to flush it down the toilet, which (surprise) doesn’t work. He then drives into the countryside and arrives at a mansion, where the hippie geezer inside sells him a vintage deerskin jacket for 8,000 euros.

Georges is a few hundred euros short, but the geezer doesn’t mind. He accepts the cash and tosses into the bargain an old digital video camera, which now seems as archaic as a Victrola.

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