Aamir Liaquat Is Back On BOL News & Here’s What Twitter Has to Say


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Contrary to his own statement, Amir Liaquat is back on BOL News.

The controversial anchorperson departed from the news channel in a dramatic manner, bidding farewell to the channel on the 14th of August during Independence Day special transmission. BOL cut the live transmission and Aamir Liaquat was not seen on the channel after that.

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Soon after his departure, BOL News replaced Amir with a character – which wore a Vendetta mask – called Mister Qoum. Not only that, the program’s name was also changed to ‘Qoum K Sath Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’ hinting that Amir Liaquat is gone for good.

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There had also been a lot of speculation regarding his future after he quit BOL, with sources linking him with Hum and 24 News.

However, it seems all of this was a mere publicity stunt from BOL News to create hype in the media, as Aamir Liaquat has returned to the news channel.

BOL News welcomed back the anchorperson last night — after 17 days — on their Twitter page.

Here is how people have reacted to the news:

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