ISLAMABAD: Abbtakk News has acquired the financial year 2020-2021 budget document as per the document federal ministries will get Rs 418 billion development budget.

According to the list development budget of the various ministry are as under.

Aviation Division

Rs 1.32 billion

Investment board
Rs 800 million

Cabinet Division
Rs 47.80 billion

Climate Change

Rs five billion

Commerce Division

Rs 100 million

Education Ministry

Rs 4.52 billion

Finance Ministry

Rs 66. 66 billion


Rs 39 billion

For Coronavirus and Other National Calamity

Rs 70 billion

The volume of Provincial and Federal Govt Development Budget 

Rs 1324 billion

Rs 29. 47 billion

Housing and Construction

Rs 8.73 billion

Human Rights Ministry

Rs 250 million

Ministry of Production and Industry

Rs 800 million

Ministry of Information

Rs 3600 million

Ministry of Interior

Rs 14.75 billion

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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