Afghan Taliban End Truce Despite Pleas


Kabul (June 18, 2018): A widely welcomed three-day ceasefire between security forces and the Taliban in Afghanistan appears to be over.

The Taliban said its militants had been ordered to take up arms again on Sunday night – now the Eid festival had ended.

There were unprecedented scenes of soldiers and Taliban insurgents hugging each other during the ceasefire.But the ceasefire failed to end violence entirely.

The militants said there would be no extension to the ceasefire and fighters would be expected to leave government-controlled areas before sunset.

In a statement, the Taliban said it had called the ceasefire to enable ordinary Afghans to enjoy a peaceful Eid, “not in response to the ceasefire of the Kabul regime”.The group hailed the success of the ceasefire as a sign of its cohesion, and reasserted its determination to seek the “withdrawal of foreign invaders and establishment of an Islamic government”.

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