Muzzafarabad: Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has won the hearts of people of occupied Kashmir by his speech, taking a jibe at Indian premier Narendra Modi and the Indian Army.

Afridi, who visited the Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir region recently, left scathing remarks on Modi, calling his ideologies a bigger danger than coronavirus.

Also, he threw light on the political strategies adopted by Modi based on religion. He pointed towards the alleged atrocities committed by him on the people of Kashmir in the name of abrogation of Article 370.

Further, Afridi called Modi ‘a coward’ and also criticized him for employing as many as 7 lakh soldiers in Kashmir, which the former cricketer believes is the total number of army personnel in Pakistan.

It was only a couple of days back when Afridi registered his sentiments for the people in Kashmir. “It does not take a religious belief to feel the agony of Kashmiris..just a right heart at the right place. #SaveKashmir,” Afridi had tweeted.

Originally Posted on Abbtak Tv


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