Afridi Criticizes Blame, Character Assassination Politics


Karachi (August 4, 2017): Pakistani cricket star Shahid Khan Afridi on Friday reacted to the ongoing storm of allegations in the country after a member of the National Assembly Ayesha Gulalai alleged her party chairman Imran Khan had been making advances and sending her indecent messages. 

While criticizing over ongoing politics of character assassination, Afridi urged media to refrain from giving coverage to people indulging in mudslinging against each other. Afridi posted on social networking site Twitter, asking, “Is politics in Pakistan only about mudslinging on each other?”

“It is incumbent on all of us to protect the sanctity and honor of Pakistan. We have become a laughing stock across the world,” Afridi said in a series of tweets on Friday.

He said politics in Pakistan has become a tool for character assassination of each other.

“We need to exercise restraint and think about our future generations,” he added.

He added that we must all be responsible and take control of ourselves. “We must think about our future generations,” he wrote before adding “it is our responsibility to improve Pakistan’s image but instead we are making a joke out of ourselves globally.”

Afridi’s remarks came in the backdrop of Ayesha Gulalai’s allegations of sexual harassment against Imran Khan and his spokesman Naeem ul Haq.

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