Ahsan Iqbal tenders unconditional apology before LHC in contempt case

Ahsan Iqbal
Former interior minister Ahsan Iqbal on Friday submitted an unconditional apology before Lahore High Court (LHC) in his detailed reply in contempt case.

Justice Mazahir Ali Akbar Naqvi heard the case. “Your written reply does not bear those apology words which should have been present as per legal requirement,” remarked the judge.

“Yesterday a person was disqualified. He was saying outside the court that he had never tendered an apology,” added the judge.

Iqbal reiterated that he has complete regard for the courts and always bowed down before the law. “I have narrowly escaped death. Designations hold no importance near me,” Iqbal asserted.

The court while adjourning the hearing till Monday asked Iqbal to resubmit reply in the case.

Speaking to media outside court, the PML-N leader said that one-sided actions are being taken against PML-N.

“The support of public for PML-N is increasing day by day due to the revenge activities against us. We do not need to be foes with Imran Khan. The nation will reject them after July 25,” maintained Iqbal.

“At present PTI is the amalgamation of PML-Q and PPP former members. Imran is still a noob in politics,” declared the former minister.

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