All past commission reports should be made public: Nawaz

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif
Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Tuesday that the reports by all past commissions formed in the country, including the one by Hamoodur Rehman commission, should be made public.

Speaking to media upon reaching London, Nawaz said the decision has shaken the country and terrorism is resurging there. His statement was a clear reference to the Supreme Court’s verdict, which disqualified him as the prime minister in the Panama Papers case.

He lamented that the premier, who eradicated terrorism and load-shedding from the country, was disqualified.

“References are being made against me and my children; I do not admit these references at all,” the former premier said. “They are based on victimisation and meant for spreading unrest in the country.”

“A dictator only grabs a prime minister in Pakistan, while a judge also does the same,” he lamented, adding, “I do not accept this accountability.”

“Are courts only made to declare martial laws justified,” Nawaz questioned, asserting, “This too is a crime and there would be accountability for this as well.”

He said that since 2013 – when his party took over the reins of the country – they have only been seeing sit-ins, adding, “What kind of tradition has been set? No one talks anything lesser than staging a protest sit-in.

The ex-premier further said that “decision by five judges has devastated and destabilised the country.”

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