All State Institutions Should Work in Their Ambit: President


Islamabad (April 16, 2018): President Mamnoon Hussain said on Monday that said the politicians should work together in the national interest of country and the General Elections 2018 will be held on time.

He was speaking at Headquarters of Passport Office in Islamabad on Monday where he visited to renew his passport.

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The president said all institutions should work in their ambit. He said if institutions do not cross their boundaries, there will be no complaint of anyone.

Mamnoon Hussain said politicians are seasoned and sagacious and they can steer the country out of any crisis. The President appreciated the arrangements at passport office for public facilitation.

The president said grievances will be resolved if all the state institutions work under constitutional limits.

He further added that political parties cannot work in harmony even if efforts are made.“Politicians are not minors who need to be told what should and should not be done,” said President Hussain.

“The political parties must work jointly for national interests and must not participate in any action which can halt the country’s progress.”

Responding to a question, the president said it is not necessary that all the money transferred abroad was looted and laundered.

“Many people have properties abroad. It’s not appropriate to target any one specific person. Tax amnesty scheme is not just being implemented in Pakistan…they are also effective in many other countries,” he said.“We have introduced this scheme to avoid money laundering allegations.”

President Hussain was visiting the passport office in G-8 vicinity of the federal capital to renew his and the first lady’s passport.

The local administration ensured top-notch security during the president’s visit to the passport office. President Hussain expressed his satisfaction over the arrangements.

He said he wanted to renew his passport like any other citizen of the country. Responding to a question, he said that sometimes due to certain compulsions one has to visit some countries, but Pakistanis should avoid going to countries where they don’t get their due respect.

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