Amazing Thai Market Set on Top of Railway Tracks


Web-Desk (April 06, 2018): World’s most dangerous market is located in Samut Songkhram city, Muang Samut Songkhram District, which runs along the Gulf of Thailand’s coastline southwest of Bangkok. It’s only about 60km from Bangkok.

You can get there by train, public van (minibus), or car. A fun thing to do is ride the Maeklong Railway through the market, and then got off and explore. Six times a day a train runs right through the middle of this Thai street market, sending vendors scrambling.

Called as Mae Klong market in the country’s Samut Songkhram province, the bazar is in close proximity of the train tracks and every time a train passes through, the shop owners move their stalls in order to make way for it.

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As soon as the train bell rings, the hawkers have only 3-5 minutes to pack their stuff and move from the tracks, after which they set their stalls again.

The marketplace sells everything from fruits, vegetables and meat to clothes and other human-consumption stuff.Mae Klong railway market is located 50 kms from Bangkok and trains move through it for a total of 7-8 times, causing hawkers to move and set up their stalls again and again.

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