American blind girl travels to Pakistan to marry visually impaired cricketer

Mujeebur Rehman and Brittney Montgomery got married after becoming Facebook friend.
As marrying a US national is making headlines these days, in a new ‘love story’ a Pakistani visually impaired cricketer has tied the knot with an American blind girl in Bahawalpur.

It all began after Brittney Montgomery, the American national, befriended Mujeebur Rehman on the popular social media platform – Facebook.

She travelled to Pakistan on Wednesday and married to Mujeeb on Thursday in the city of Punjab. The groom is partially blind while his bride is completely blind.

Brittney embraced Islam two years ago after becoming the Facebook friend of the visually impaired sportsman.

According to Pakistan Blind Council’s spokesperson, the Bahawalpur born cricketer is a fast bowler and has played key roles in several victories for the Bahawalpur Blind Cricket Team.

“This time instead of winning a cricket match, Mujeeb won the heart of an American girl,” he added.

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