American Comedian Replies Indian Trolls on Raising Kashmir Issue


Web Desk(April 07, 2018): American comedian Jeremy McLellan has frequently used his social media accounts to condemn violence against Muslims in Israel and Occupied Kashmir recently.

He doesn’t spare even his countrymen who advocate violence against Muslims and it is evident from his social media accounts too.

While his messages were liked by thousands of his fans, they didn’t go down well with some Indians.

McLellan became the target of attacks from Indian trolls after he raised voice against violence in Occupied Kashmir.

When the stand-up comedian shared a screenshot of a message from a Kashmiri student telling him about teargassing of their school by Indian forces, one user asked him how much “daily wage” does he get.

But Jeremy Mclellan shut him down saying “If Pakistan was paying me to tweet, I’d have a much nicer car and house”.

And when another tried to hold him accountable for drone strikes carried out by the US in Pakistan and Afghanistan, McLellan said “How many innocents have I killed? Zero. My government, on the other hand, has killed a lot, and I’ve spoken out against it from the beginning. You should try it sometime.”

McLellan toured Pakistan last year for three weeks and during his visit, he performed in Lahore and Islamabad.

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