Amitabh Meets Twitter Officials, After Threatening To Quit


Web Desk(February 21, 2018): Twitter Team reached to meet Amitabh Bachchan as he threatened to quit Twitter.

Amitabh Bachchan is one prolific Twitter user. And rightly so, he is one of the most followed users on the micro-blogging site despite the fact that sometimes us netizens fail to comprehend his tweets. But on January 31, the actor had revealed via a tweet how he was disappointed with the micro-blogging site because they had allegedly reduced his number of followers from 33 million to 32.9 million.

“Twitter! You reduced my number of followers. Haha! That’s a joke. Time to get off from you. Thank you for the ride. There are many ‘other’ fish in the sea — and a lot more exciting!” he had tweeted.

Foreseeing the loss of an influential superstar from their site looks like the Twitter people decided to pay Mr Bachchan a visit and explain to him how their website functioned. Sharing a picture with the team today, Amitabh wrote, “T 2619 – The Twitter team came from across the seas to visit me at work and to explain to me how TWITTER works .. thank you! The truth of the working is so ‘apparent’ !!” And yet again, the enigmatic Amitabh hasn’t failed to confound us.

One user even chose to express her confusion on the thread saying, “But.. don’t you already know how it works? P.S.- This picture is very distracting. You look way too handsome & suave. Had to read the tweet thrice!” Pat came Amitabh’s reply, “you are missing the point about Twitter my dear .. ‘apparent’ is within quotes .. if you have not understood the hidden meaning I shall explain it someday .. not here.”

Senior Bachchan has always maintained a consistent presence on Twitter, giving fans a daily dose of nostalgic photos along with his state of mind. Here’s hoping his meeting went jolly well.

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