Another Dramatic Turn: Now Farooq Sattar Announces Presser


Karachi (November 9, 2017): The dramatic turns and twists have continuously gripped the Karachi politics as after the Mutahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) Rabbitta Committee press conference,  its head of Farooq Sattar, who was absent from party’s crucial meeting has announced another press conference through social media website Twitter.

“I have called an urgent press conference today at 9 pm to make an important announcement,” he announced through  social media.

Farooq Sattar has used “Patang Meri Shanakht”, Kite is my identification, hash tag as well.

Earlier,  the Rabbitta Committee of Mutahida Qaumi Movement expressed full confidence in Farooq Sattar leadership and vowed that MQM will continue working as independent party and will contest with its own symbol and manifesto in next elections.

This was announced by the leader of MQM Pakistan Deputy Convener Kanwar Naveed Jameel, who was addressing press conference after concluding party’s Coordination Committee meeting in the absence of party head Farooq Sattar.

“Some members had expressed their reservations and we had to clear them,” he shared.

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He said that three important decisions were made during the meeting. First is that MQM’s name, flag, election symbol and manifesto will remain intact, he said.

“MQM would stay the same as it was, political alliances are formed quite often and there is nothing extra ordinary regarding it,” he claimed, adding it has nothing to do with MQM’s integrity.

He also stated examples of political alliances in the past, such as the Islami Jamhoori Ittehad and the Pakistan National Alliance.

The members also decided that MQM will contest the elections on the seats they had won earlier. Moreover, the party leadership has shown trust in the leadership of Sattar.“We have a united stance that we want Sattar to lead us.”

He also said: “We have asked our voters, supporters and workers to not believe in any rumours they hear on the media or otherwise.”

A day ago, Addressing اa joint press conference, after forming alliance with the PSP, MQM-P head said that both parties have decided to establish joint political alliance for not only urban Sindh but other parts of the province as well.

“MQM, PSP will contest next election on a one symbol, one party and one manifesto,” Farooq Sattar said.

Farooq Sattar said MQM-P hosting the press conference welcomed PSP leaders and workers.MQM-P, PSP Join Hands To Become “Muttahida” AgainHe said the main and first purpose of the conference to stop division of votes of Sindh urban areas.

“MQM will strongly oppose political torture and will tried to restore peace in the city,” he said.

“The people speaking languages other than Urdu will also be invited to join the alliance that will pave the way to establish peace in the country,” he mentioned.

“Pakistan, the province of Sindh and Karachi have been besieged in many crises. In particular, the parties active in Karachi and Sindh have felt that we not only have to address problems concerning Karachi and Sindh, but also those that concern the wider country,” Sattar said.

Cracks in MQM Appeared 

Ali Raza Abidi Quit: As the aftershock of Mutahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) and Pakistan Sirzameen Party (PSP) joining hands, the member national assembly of MQM-P Ali Raza Abidi left the party and announced the resignation from National Assembly seat.MNA Raza Abidi Quits MQM-P, Resign from NA SeatThe announcement came shortly after the MQM-P and PSP decided to regroup with “one name, one symbol and one manifesto”, a year after the two political factions announced complete disassociation from their former leadership based in London.

Another senior leader, Amir Khan also rejected the merger of MQM with PSP.

He vowed, “I stick with the party symbol kite and name of MQM,” while talking to media at Karachi airport after his arrival form Dubai.

He restrained the party workers to reach airport and told them he will meet them after reaching central office.

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Earlier, party members had shared that party head Farooq Sattar won’t be attending the party’s high-level huddle. Kamran Tessori, while speaking to the media, had announced that Sattar won’t be chairing the session. Instead, Rabita Committee Kanwar Naveed Jamil is presiding over the session, he said.

An official statement from the party stated that Sattar is not in attendance due to “personal commitments.”

According to sources, Sattar decided to skip the session due to internal pressure from some of the party members, who threatened to leave the party if Sattar headed it.

Many other members tried to convince Sattar to not succumb to the pressure as it would create a negative image in the media, said sources, but Sattar still chose to skip it.

A consultative meeting of party leaders was summoned on Thursday afternoon to address reservations of its disgruntled leaders on the recently-held joint press conference with Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal.

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