Apple iOS 11 contains bugs, causing serious problems

Apple iOS 11 contains bugs, causing serious problems
Apple users and tech geeks have reported various bugs in iOS 11, latest operating system, including battery issues and removal of some important features.

1. Battery issues

The users who have recently updated their phones on iOS 11 have complained that that the latest operating system is not the best when it comes to user-friendly battery timing. Both iPhones and iPads suffered unfair early battery loss upon update and it seems that Apple has taken inadequate measures to make long life of is battery.

Reports said iOS 11 has been decaying battery twice the speed as compared to iOS 10.

2. Factory reset, privacy

It was also pointed out that there are inefficient settings in factory reset and privacy options. Users have to either compromise with their settings or factory reset the device which could then erase their apps, contacts and other data. Also, new updates are yet to come in iOS 11 which is why it is recommended to skip the iOS for the time being.

3. No 3D multitasking

It was earlier reported that 3D multitasking marquee has been removed in iOS 11 which was presented in the launching event of iPhone 6S. The feature used to help iPhone users to quickly access their multitasking screens and switch between different apps. The confirmation was also issued that 3D multi-tasking will no longer be accessible in Apple phones as the company has intentionally removed the useful tool.

It was reasoned that the feature had caused bugs while usage in iOS 11.

However, there are several useful and hidden features as well in iOS 11 which fans are happy about.

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