ASUS Releases New Plug-n-Play Mixed Reality Headset for PCs


ASUS has finally released its mixed reality headset which it announced in September last year. The HC102 will cost $429 for the bundle, which will consist of the headset plus its two controllers.


Other Headsets

The mixed reality headset is the fourth in the program to be released so far, with Acer, Samsung and HP all releasing their own respective headsets at varying price points.

Samsung’s headset is the cheapest of the trio, retailing at $300, with Acer coming next at $400. None of them come with controllers out of the box, though. Meanwhile, HP’s headset retails slightly higher at $450. The specs of all the machines, and the designs for the large part, are largely the same.

Tech Specs

The specs of the HC102 include two 1440 x 1440 displays, with a 105-degree field of view and a 90 Hz refresh rate. It comes with a flip-up visor, which is a nifty addition, along with a headband that can be adjusted. The design of the HC102 is also decidedly quite exquisite-looking, and on the lighter-side at 400 grams.

For audio, you get a headphone jack (it doesn’t come with its own headphones), while HDMI is used to connect to a PC. Tracking is done through two camera sensors at the front. The controllers follow the Windows VR template provided by Microsoft, and can be used on other headsets.

Plug n Play

The headsets just needs to be plugged in to a PC to work, without requiring any additional cameras or sensors. For the time being, they are decidedly more catered towards virtual than mixed reality, though it may change in the future.

ASUS’ website is a good place to start if you are into the HC102.

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