At Least 24 Dead As Heavy Rains Lash Thailand


Bangkok(August 4, 2017): Death toll has reached 27 due to heavy rains and flash-flooding in Thailand.

Flash floods in Thailand caused by continued heavy rainfall have killed 23 people and affected more than one million others since the start of July.

All 27 flood fatalities were caused by drowning, the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation said. Thailand is currently in a monsoon season, with heavy rainfalls forecast for the rest of the week.

However it was not seasonal rain alone that caused widespread floods, according to the country’s meteorological department.

Jirapan Assawathanakul, chief of the Thai General Insurance Associated, said that his association estimated that insurance companies would have to pay around 1 billion baht ($30 million) in compensation for disaster relief. A total loss is estimated at least 10 billion baht ($300 million).

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