Atari makes a comeback with new video games console


When Atari announced it was re-entering the game-console market, it reminded us of the old days of Atari 2600. The company has now revealed the first images of its latest video games console, the Ataribox.

Its design has striking similarities with the original Atari: has retained wood grain front and a non-boxy design. On the back of the console, there’s an SD card slot, an HDMI output, Ethernet jack, and of course a power socket, the Mashable reports.

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However, probably the coolest upgrade from the Atari 2600 is the illuminated Atari logo in front.

Minimal details have been given regarding games but its certain Ataribox will include both classic and current titles.

The release date has also not been finalised yet.

While it’s little early to say if Ataribox will compete with Sony PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox; in terms of design, it will surely leave a mark.

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