ATC Sentences Death Penalties to Three Terrorists


Karachi(April 06, 2018): The Anti Terrorism Court has sentenced three terrorist two times death while ten years imprisonment over murder attempt of a religious party head.

According to the details, ATC heard the case of killing religious party leader and injuring his companion.

Banned Outfit Spah Sahaba’s three terrorists killed a religious party leader, Faisal Omer and injured his companion, Aziz Saad.

The court sentenced two times death and ten years of imprisonment to Furqan AKA Baba, Faisal, and Turab while two other facilitators Azhar and Rafat have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Earlier on February 27, 2014, Amir Faisal Omer was killed in the result of firing while his companion went injured in the jurisdiction of PS- Sharifabad.

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