Attempts to Bring Forth ‘Usurper Musharraf’ as Alternate Leader to Fail: Saad


Lahore (November 11, 2017): Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique has said that attempts to bring forth a usurper like General (retd) Musharraf as an alternate leader would fail badly, saying that the practice of breaking and making political parties should be shunned.

In a message on twitter, Saad while calling for shunning of the practice to break and form political parties , said that the engineered merger of PSP and MQM-P did not last for 24 hours.

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He added that the decision of national politics would be made in streets and bazaars. He added that the efforts to trap and paralyze PML-N leadership though case would also met with failures.

He said it was sheer injustice to revive Hudaibia case which was closed as per the court decision.

Warning against confrontation, the minister said that in case of confrontation everyone would be losers and no one would be gainers.

He added that injustice and dis-trustfulness would take the nation away from its destination. He advised all to wait for fresh public verdict, an indirect reference to upcoming general elections.

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