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ISLAMABAD: Special Assistance and Spokesperson to the prime minister Musadiq Malik on Friday termed the attitude of the Joint Investigation Team’s (JIT) as biased and urged the Supreme Court to remove uncertainity from the investigatives team’s attitude.

He said, while addressing a press conference, that in such a scenario, the decision presented by the JIT would be doubtful.

The spokesperson also alleged that witnesses in the case were being forced to withdraw their affidavits and were threatened with imprisonment.

“Since coming into power, conspiracieswere being hatched against the PML-N government,” said Malik and added that vertain internal and external forces wanted to destabilise the country.

He said an elected prime minister had presented himself for accountability for the first time in the country’s history.

“All speculations have been proved wrong yesterday when the premier appeared before the JIT,” and added that the prime minister appeared before the JIT without any protocol to enhance the honour and dignity of the judiciary and institutions.

“The prime minister appeared before the JIT even though his name was not included in the Panama Papers,” said Malik.

The spokesperson also added that the prime minister had presented all relevant documents and details to the apex court and the JIT regarding his family’s business.

“An impression is being given that the case is of corruption and money laundering,” said the spokesperson while also question the veracity of the JIT report submitted in SC regarding Hussain Nawaz’s leaked picture.

He said the picture was leaked by an unknown person belonging to an unknown institution.

Malik alleged that PTI chief Imran Khan was telling lies and the PTI chief is guilty himself. 


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