The Audition Episode For Pepsi Battle of Bands Left Us Rooting For More! #PepsiBattleoftheBands


Finally the wait is over and the first episode of Pepsi battle of the Bands had us completely glued to the screen. It left us stunned with the marvelous performances done by all the bands and we cannot wait to see what this show will bring further.

From the beginning, the episode had us hooked when, Ayesha Omar opens up about the journey of Pepsi and the Music in Pakistan and gives an insight on the format of the show.  The prizes mentioned along with the fame and the grand title of “Pepsi Battle of the Bands Winner” has left us desiring to be as talented in the field of music as the bands featured in the show.

The dynamic Ayesha Omar keeps the tone of the show extremely positive and playful. We loved how she has interacted with the bands and added the spirited vibe that set the mood of the show. The panel of judges for this episode contained Fawad khan, Meehsa Shafi and Farooq Ahmed from Aaroh. Farooq seems like a tough cookie amongst the rest; however each one had their own suggestions that aimed to bring the better out in the bands further.

Now what mainly blew us away was the amount of immense talent that was seen through the show in the shape of bands that performed. Different genres were attempted and each performance was better than the next. We were simply awestruck by the performance from the band OB Positive. The minute they had stepped onto the stage their simplicity had caught our heart and them doing an astounding cover of the song “Aitebaar” could not even stop Farooq Ahmed from praising them by saying that the maestro Amir Zaki had once told him that “less is more” and the performance conducted by the band was a seamless example of how his words were true. The purity in their voice was one thing that we will be rooting for in this competition.

The next one up that had us salivating over their creativity was the band, Jasim and the Pindi boys. We loved the collaboration of the solo artist, Jasim who originally had sung the hit single “Pindi Boys” back in 2014. The best part about this band was that they were all up to break stereotypes with their music and we exclusively loved when they added their unique Pindi style by donning out terrific black sunglasses for their performance.  Their performance was both original and had us cheering on for them throughout.

The first episode has left us wanting more and has revived the deep desire of the band culture to take over the music industry again. We adored the panels of judges that undoubtedly gave out expert advice to all the contestants. If this is what the first episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands has to offer, we cannot imagine what the next one will bring. Waiting desperately for the next episode… #PepsiBattleoftheBands!!!



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