Avenfield Case: Haris Completes Cross Examination to Radley


Islamabad (February 23, 2018): The counsel of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has completed his cross-examination with UK based witness Robert Radley in the accountability court in Nawaz Sharif and his Family corruption case on Friday through video link.

Robert Radley the forensic expert told the court he wanted to change his statement. He was informed that his statement had been recorded a day earlier and now he was to be examined.

While being examined by Khawaja Haris, Radley said he only received the documents on July 6, had he not been pressed for time he would have been able to submit a ten-times more detailed report.

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Haris, asked if that meant, due to lack of time the report submitted was not correct. Radley responded that was not the case and that he was completely certain about the accuracy of his report adding that if he wasn’t pressed for time the report would have been more detailed.

Cross questioning Radley, Haris asked if he was an IT expert, to which Radley responded that he was not. Radley further stated that the font in question was in his use back in 2005. The defence counsel then stated that the report he submitted was incorrect, to which Radley stated that his report was absolutely correct.

Was the creator of the Calibri Font given an award for his services in the field of IT, the defence counsel asked, to which Radley responded in the affirmative.Radley also told the prosecution that he had mentioned all of his sources in his first report, however, he had omitted them from his second report.

Windows introduced six fonts from 2002 through to 2006, Haris noted, questioning the witness if he had stated the same in his report. Bradley responded that the report was technical in nature hence this detail was not mentioned.

On February 22, during his statement, the witness admitted that Window Vista issued three editions. The first edition was released on January 31, 2007, and the first edition of Window Vista Beta was issued in 2005 for the IT experts in which the font was included. The witness, on being told that thousands of people were using the Calibri font, said that it was issued on a limited scale to the IT experts with the licenses.In his findings included in the JIT report, Radley had noted that he “identified the type font used to produce both certified declarations as ‘Calibri’. However, the font was not commercially available before Jan 31, 2007, and as such, neither of the documents is correctly dated and appear to have been created at some later point in time.”

Radley had claimed that the type font used in trust deeds of two companies was Calibri which was not commercially available before Jan 31, 2007.

He said that he was answering the questions after consulting his notes which he had prepared for the purpose. He added that the issue was discussed and debated in a meeting earlier.

Robert informed the court that he was working as forensic handwriting expert since 1976, and the Cuest Solicitors hired his services on June 30, 2017, to compare the two declarations. He deposed that he examined and compared the change of dates on Nielson and Nescol declarations.

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