Baaghi 2 takes you down the memory lane 


By Omair Alavi

Lights, Camera, Action is replaced as Action, Action and Action in Ahmed Khan’s Baaghi 2 where Tiger Shroff pounds on the bad guys as a Tiger and comes out as a winner. The suspense thriller has all the ingredients of a masala film where the first half is spent in establishing the story and the second half is spent in executing the action. In a country where action flicks are loved more than romcoms, Baaghi 2 is doing extremely well in cinemas all over Pakistan, especially in the metropolitans. If you are a fan of the action genre, then don’t think twice and go and watch Baaghi 2. Tiger Shroff packs a punch!

The Plot

Neha (Disha Patani) and Ranveer (Tiger Shroff) are college sweethearts who couldn’t get married due to family pressure. However, when Neha’s daughter Rhea goes missing, she asks him for help and hence begins the journey that takes him to different people in Goa. The twist in the tale here is that everyone Ronny (short for Ranveer) meets tells him that Neha never had a daughter, which confuses the whole plot. Will Ronny be able to find his friend’s daughter or did Neha go mad after a car snatching attempt went wrong? Watch Baaghi 2 for all the answers.

The Good

Tiger Shroff is at his best in this all-out action saga. He not only reminds of his father Jackie (80s action hero) but also of Hollywood stars from the same era which is nothing short of a compliment. In fact, his expressions as an ex-flame looking for his former lover’s kid are believable as is his acting which has improved considerably. Disha Patani looks like the modern version of Manisha Koirala since she is beautiful as well as hard-working at the same time. She passes on both as a student and as a mother of a 3-year-old, and her act of defiance where she stands against the world is commendable. Then there is Manoj Bajpai and Randeep Hooda who are classic actors in supporting roles here but they have gone deep into their characters and come up with a version that you don’t expect. Their roles are exactly opposite from what one saw in the trailer and be ready for a surprise that comes in the form of a twist that no one expects.

The Bad

The film’s worst point are the scenes where Prateik Babbar tries to act – being the son of Raj Babbar and Smita Patel, people expect him to be a little careful about his career but he is wasting it by doing roles that could have been done by anyone. Then there was the Ek Do Teen remake where neither the beauty of Jacqueline Fernandez nor her dance steps were able to stop the audience being disappointed. Since the film’s director Ahmed Khan was a Bollywood choreographer before going behind the camera, one expected something extra from the song on which Madhuri Dixit performed 30 years back but that didn’t happen. The other aspect that dents the film is the inspired plot – some parts from Flightplan, some from Rambo, some from Commando and a few from Bollywood classics such as Shaan – and here you have a modern-day thriller. Yes, the plot keeps the audience engaged but since it is an action film, people expect something new, not old wine in a new bottle.

Verdict 3/5

In an era when Bollywood has been producing more trash than classics, watching Baaghi 2 was a refreshing experience. Yes, it is unbelievable to see one man take on a whole army of goons, corrupt cops and others, but that’s what attracts the audience that loves action. People who look for logic or lounge for a good mystery should stay away from this movie because they will come out disappointed. For others, it is the best way to spend your weekend as it leaves you wanting for more. Had the editing been a little intelligent and the stunts a little toned down, non-action lovers might have found it appealing too but since they aren’t there, better stay away.

Story first published: 4th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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