ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Communications criticizing Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said
that “son of Zardari press conference is a charge sheet against its own provincial

Reacting on the Bilawal presser Murad Saeed said that he had nothing to tell today
adding that he tried to throw the incompetency of his government on federation but
remained fail in doing so.

The Minister said that someone tell Bilawal that health is provincial subject and his
provincial government shamefully failed to running the affairs of all its matters.

“Sindh government likes amount received under 18th amendment and NFC awards so
they could plunder it.” he said.

The master in manipulation in fake companies and putting amount in fake accounts turned
to federation if the matter is of masses welfare.

Murad Saeed asked that that what son of Zardari and his party have done except shameful cordoning off labourers on the name of lock-down.

All three provinces and federal government are working for the protection of the masses while Chief Minister Sindh is working to save the illegal properties of Zardari and his son.

For the very first day, Chief Minister Sindh has been given task of reading news bulletin and people of Sindh have been left for the global pandemic, he added.

From disbursement of amount to distribution of medical goods adventures are for Imran Khan and the federal government and he and his Chief Minister is for saving corruption and corrupt people, Murad said.

The Minister said that Imran Khan distributed Rs 12000 amount per family in a transparent manner to 1.2 million families adding that what the Singh government distributed on the name of rations no one witnessed to it on the earth.

He said that speeches and useless sentences can not hide anyone’s darkness of character and practices.

Murad Saeed Further said that the Sindh government deceived the people of Sindh in a grim situation and it should be prepared for accountability.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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