Bilawal surprised at stay order against Saeed Ghani’s victory

Bilawal  surprised at  stay order  against Saeed  Ghani’s victory
Bilawal surprised at stay order against Saeed Ghani’s victory

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s  Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto  Zardari has said that stay order  against the victory of PPP candidate,  Saeed Ghani, from PS  114 by election, the ECP should  not cast doubts about 2018 general  elections as the precedent  has caused an uncertainty  among the democratic political  forces.  In a press statement issued  here, the PPP chairman said  that he was surprised by the  stay order because he thought  that the ECP would take credit  for holding most fair, transparent  and clean election in the history  of Karachi conducted last  Sunday.  He pointed out that PPP  candidate himself had requested  the ECP to deploy army  personnel inside the polling stations  on the Election Day.  “There was no complaint of rigging  from any contesting candidate  on the polling day to the  ECP. On the second day of  polling, when the results were  being consolidated in the presence  of all the contesting candidates,  none filled any application  for re-counting before the  returning officer, and, even, the  defeated candidates extended  congratulations to winning candidate  Saeed Ghani.  Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said  that holding back the notification  ofwinner–Saeed Ghani –by  the ECP, merely on a single application  without any evidence  of rigging, amounts to create  doubts about 2018 general elections,  hence, it should be withdrawn  immediately and proper  legal course may be followed, if  anyone has some genuine  grounds.    

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