Billion-Tree Tsunami Program Turned into Realty: Imran


Islamabad (November 14, 2017): The chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) stressed the protection of forests and said forests were essential for the existence of country’s future generations.

“We have turned the Billion-Tree Tsunami program into realty after intensive hard work and there is need to further enhance it by growing more and more trees across the country ,” he said while addressing a Billion Trees Tsunami program convention in Islamabad.

He reminded that most of the opponents termed the Billion trees program frivolous, however KP government has proved them wrong after growing million of siblings that have created new forests in the province.

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“World severely damaged by the global warming and pollution poses hazards for environment and human health, however to get rid of this menace there is need to grow more trees, ” he said adding that knowledge regarding environment should be included in school’s curriculum as in Europe.

PTI Chairman stated with confidence that they will not need to inform the next government body about the billion tree tsunami since their own party will emerge victorious.

In his address, he asserted that pollution is causing disease epidemic across the country, reduces 11 years of life expectancy and is particularly dangerous for children while no one is giving any serious thought to it.“Pollution is best countered by planting trees and this initiative was taken by the PTI with billion tree tsunami,” he added while saying that PTI was ridiculed when this initiative was taken but PTI has delivered successfully and made billion tree tsunami an example for the whole country.

He alleged that Politicians in Pakistan have keeping eyes on next election, however none of them care the future of the country as the great leader, in his views, one who inculcate broad vision to nation.

PTI Chairman further said that PTI will emerge victorious after the next General Elections and will rule all provinces of Pakistan and it is PTI’s mission to fix the country since most political leaderships prioritize themselves over the country.

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