Boney Kapoor was ‘crying like a baby’: Adnan Siddiqui


Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui was one of the first people who got to the hotel to console Sri Devi’s husband after news broke that the legendary Bollywood actress had passed away. 

Adnan Siddiqui spoke to an Indian channel and shared the experience of coming to grips with Sri Devi’s death and how her family reacted to it.

According to the Pakistani actor (who was at the wedding too), Sri Devi’s husband Boney Kapoor was inconsolable and was ‘crying like a baby’ when he found him mourning the death of his wife a few hours after she passed away in the hotel room.

“I got a call from a journalist at around 11 pm asking if the news about Sridevi’s death was true. I immediately called up Boney (Kapoor) saab and rushed to him. I got to Jumeirah Emirates at around midnight. Initially, I was not allowed to go upstairs. At the time of the investigation, only Boney saab and Dubai officials were present. So, I waited in the lobby for about an hour.”

Adnan revealed that when the cops had left and ‘everything had been settled’ Boney Kapoor called him upstairs.

“When everything was settled, Boney saab called me upstairs. He was there along with a family friend, his wife and a daughter. Boney saab was crying like a baby; he was inconsolable. I was with him until 5 am. He was under a lot of stress, so I advised him to rest, and then left,” he revealed.

Adnan Siddiqui played Sri Devi’s on-screen husband in the film Mom that also starred Pakistani actress Sajal Ali.

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Tributes poured in from celebrities across India and Pakistan after news broke that Sri Devi had passed away after drowning in a bathtub in her Dubai hotel room.

Initially it was reported that the actress had passed away due to a heart attack. It later became known that she had died after drowning in a bathtub accidentally.

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Story first published: 28th February 2018

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