Boxer Amir Khan attacked in Boston

boxer Amir Khan
Boxer Amir Khan got himself in trouble when his Range Rover got involved in a road collision with another car, and group of men chased him down through Bolton streets afterwards.

It is believed that the incident took place when the boxer took a wrong turn, and hit another car in his hometown in Greater Manchester.

A group of men then chased his car and attacked Amir Khan after both parties confronted each other. It has also been reported that one man even threw punch towards the boxer, which missed him but hit his car.

According to police, no arrests have been made after the incident. A Greater Manchester Police spokeswoman said, “We were called to reports of road rage incident/assault.

“It appears the person driving has made a wrong turn and this has angered the person behind them and there s been an altercation.

“The driver of the first car was punched. There were no arrests. Anyone with information should contact us.”

She also let it be known that items had been thrown during the conflict, but could not confirm what they were.


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