BREAKING: Military Plane Crash Kills 200 in Algeria


Algiers (April 11, 2018): A Military aircraft II-76 or II-78 model carrying 200 people has crashed in at Boufarik Airport in Algeria, Northern Africa leaving no survivors.

The transport plane plummeted to the ground shortly after taking off at Boufarik Airport in Algeria, according to local media. Airlive has quoted an Algerian military source as confirming there were ‘around 200’ people on board.

The source added nobody had survived the crash.

Boufarik Airport is a military air base located on the northern coast of Algeria, some 30km from the capital Algiers.

Boufarik Airport is a military installation primarily used by larger transport aircraft.The crashed plane is reported to have been either an II-76 or II-78 model, aircraft which were originally developed by the Soviet Union and later Russia.

The Algerian Air Force operates over a dozen of the II-76 variants which are commonly used as transports for troops or weapons.

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