Breast cancer : ‘Don’t be afraid, be aware’

Breast cancer : ‘Don’t be afraid, be aware’
Breast cancer : ‘Don’t be afraid, be aware’

LAHORE: University of Education (UoE) organised an awareness walk and educational seminar to create awareness on breast cancer. During the exercise, students were carrying banners with slogans like “Early diagnose saves lives”, “Do not postpone life”, “Don’t be afraid, be aware and don’t be late”. The walk was followed by a seminar which was attended by faculty and students in large numbers.

Third of all afflicted women suffer from breast cancer

Akhuwat Foundation Chairman Dr Amjad Saqib was the chief guest on this occasion while UoE Vice Chancellor Dr Rauf-i-Azam presided over the seminar. While talking to the students, Dr Saqib congratulated the University of Education for arranging such a useful activity.

The vice chancellor said human lives were precious and those of women even more so as they nurtured future generations. He stressed on the need to create awareness among young women over the potentially deadly disease.

Breast cancer screening facility inaugurated

He said people should not hesitate in discussing health issues so the society could prevent ailments at an early stage.

Hijaz Hospital Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr Farwa Nisar spoke in detail about breast cancer. She said breast cancer was a widespread disease and was a prominent reason of death among women. She said this cancer was preventable and can could cured with early diagnosis.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 3rd, 2017.

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