LONDON: The UK Parliament has been suspended for five weeks after Boris Johnson’s second attempt to trigger an early general election failed when his motion did not secure the required support of two-thirds of MPs.

A scuffle also broke out in the Commons as one MP appeared to be trying to stop the Speaker from beginning the prorogation ceremony.

The Prime Minister had said he wanted to head to the polls next month to break the political deadlock, as he accused opposition parties of making “outrageous excuses” to delay.

But Labour and other opposition MPs refused to back the bid – which needed a two-thirds majority in the Commons – while the risk of a no-deal remained.

A total of 293 of the 650 House of Commons members backed holding an early election, well short of the required two-thirds majority.

Soon after the election vote, the prorogation was passed in the early hours of Tuesday, making a general election extremely unlikely until at least mid-November.

Parliament was suspended for five weeks following a ceremony interrupted by protests from opposition MPs, bringing to a close the longest parliamentary session in the history of the UK.

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