Bumpy ride ahead for Sethi after Nawaz's disqualification

Najam Sethi
Islamabad High Court (IHC) has accepted the petition that was filed against Pakistan Super League (PSL) Chairman Najam Sethi for hearing, and has summoned all parties on August 10.

The appeal was made against the nomination of Najam Sethi for chairmanship of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), and the petitioner had taken the stance that Sethi was nominated by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif who himself has been disqualified by the Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan, therefore, his decision should also been terminated by appointing new members for the governing board.

Let it be known that the last session of PCB governing board under former chairman Shahryar Khan was held on July 28 where four regions and four departments were selected for the selection of eight new members of governing board.

Najam Sethi and Arif Ejaz were the two candidates for chairmanship, but due to strong lobbying, the appointment of Sethi was almost certain.

Furthermore, Arif Ejaz was also said to be the right hand of Najam Sethi who assisted him in PSL as well, and was no threat to Sethi’s position.

On the other hand, sources have informed that the interim prime minister will definitely continue the policies of Nawaz Sharif, and will nominate the same names again even if IHC dismisses the current members.

Although Najam Sethi might face a delay in getting the power, but he ultimately will become the chairman of PCB. Moreover, he will simultaneously hold two posts as he has decided not to make PSL a private company, and will himself be the PSL as well as PCB chairman.

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