Home Technology Bykea Launches Offline Ride Hailing Service

Bykea Launches Offline Ride Hailing Service

Bykea Launches Offline Ride Hailing Service
Bykea Launches Offline Ride Hailing Service

Bykea, best known for its bike ride-hailing app that boasts over 2.5 million app users and 500,000 driver-partners in Pakistan, has introduced a new feature that would help Bykea Driver Partners earn more while being effortlessly simple for the customer.

Whenever a driver-partner spots a potential passenger waiting for a bus and/or a cab in the public, he can approach the person and give them a ride using this new Offline Rides feature even if the passenger is using an old feature phone. This new feature carries benefits for both the driver-partners and the customers.

Transparency: Hailing a cab or a rickshaw is a daunting process with challenges mostly revolving around pricing as arriving at a mutually agreeable fare is still a bone of contention between a cabbie and the passengers due to the non-existent metered fare culture.

Low costs: Offline Rides will result in reduced costs as the driver-partner will be able to instantly find a ride after completing an online ride, saving on fuel and time.

Trust: When a potential passenger sees a driver-partner wearing their Bykea-issued helmet and jacket, it will have a two-fold effect: First, it builds trust and reliability because there’s a clear indication of the driver partner’s affiliation with Bykea. Second, any potential customer can just approach a driver-partner in public instead of the Bykea driver-partner looking for a customer.

Mobility should be easy and convenient, and Offline Rides take away the constraints of traditional ride-hailing apps while giving the same experience.

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