In March, Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) had decided to cancel all examinations originally scheduled to be held in May and June this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Following this decision, CAIE announced that it will mark the students for the May June exams based on a 4-step process that combines evidence provided by schools with the evidence at its disposal.

CAIE has now released the details of the 4-step evidence-based process. Here is how CAIE will grade the students without exams.

Step 1

Teachers determine a predicted grade for each student in each syllabus based on judgment and evidence which includes students’ performance in classwork, coursework, assignments, and mock exams.

Step 2

Teachers rank students within each grade for each syllabus

Step 3

Head of the center examines the predicted grade and rank order developed by teachers and sends to CAIE

Step 4

CAIE conducts a standardization process, combining data from the center with data at its disposal, and awards final grades

According to the deputy country director for CAIE in Pakistan, Shahid Ashraf, this 4-step process is the most valid, fair, and effective approach in these extraordinary circumstances.

CAIE wants to ensure students are not disadvantaged in any way. All grades awarded in the May and June 2020 series through this 4-step process will carry the same weightage as they have in any other year. This will enable the students to move forward with their future study and career plans.

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