China’s Central Military Commission has approved a vaccine candidate developed jointly by its research unit, Academy of Military Science (AMS), and CanSino Biologics for use in the military.

The decision was taken after Ad5-nCoV’s clinical trials produced good results, meaning that it was safe and showed efficacy in combating the new coronavirus.


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The vaccine candidate has also been approved for human trials in China, Canada, and other countries as well and it is one of the 8 candidates approved for trials.

The Ad5-nCoV is currently limited to military use only and its use cannot be expanded to a broader vaccination range without the approval of the Logistics Support Department.

China had earlier greenlighted the use of two other COVID-19 vaccine candidates for the employees of state-owned firms traveling overseas. CanSino has said that Phase 1 and 2 of the clinical trials of Ad5-nCoV showed the potential to prevent the respiratory disease caused by the novel coronavirus, however, its commercial success cannot be guaranteed.

As of now, no vaccine has been approved for commercial use, however, over a dozen candidates are being tested for human trials across the globe.

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