Careem Faces Backlash for Its Politics Themed Campaign


Careem is under fire due to its latest marketing campaign. Reportedly, the ride-hailing company attempted to capitalize on some of the most recognizable political slogans in recent history. Unfortunately for them, their latest campaign has prompted calls for boycott of the company.

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Users have threatened to uninstall the Careem app after which the company issued an apology.

The ride-hailing company poked fun at many slogans and political terms – be it martial law, court cases – and everything in between for their latest promo code.

To be fair, some social media users did find Careem’s campaing hilarious, but an overwhelming amount of users have criticized Careem for tapping into political sentiments.

Careem’s Campaign

The company dabbled with the trademark slogans of all the three big political parties (PML-N, PTI, PPP) to promote its codes.

Here is the campaign that Careem launched recently during the election season.

The “111” refers to military’s 111th Infantry Brigade that is known for its role in military coups.

And here is how the social media users reacted to the campaign:

Some did find the “funny side” to it after all.

The company officially issued an apology and told that they are “politically neutral”.

What is your say on the matter? Too political or too funny?

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