Caring for the dead: Karachi traffic policeman earns reward for viral video


A Karachi traffic policeman’s video went viral on social media. That video earned him a reward.

The video showed how vehicles on Sharae Faisal continued to run over a dead cat until a traffic police official, Mehboob, stops to remove the animal’s body from the road. He risks his own life as traffic on the signal-free corridor is fast when he is picking up the cat.

A passer-by had caught the action on camera and uploaded it on social media.

As the video went viral, a number of people praised the official. Finally, Sindh IG Allah Dino Khawaja announced a reward of Rs100,000 along with a certificate for Mehboob. The Sukkur DIG also announced Rs20,000 for the official.

Sparing a few NGos, it is unusual in Pakistan to care for living animals let alone the dead ones. While cats are still acceptable, dogs on the streets meet a far gruesome fate: they are poisoned by the government and left to die to ‘control’ their increasing population.

Story first published: 29th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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