Cases Against Hassan, Hussain: AC Adjourns Proceeding


Islamabad (November 14, 2017):The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Tuesday submitted a report regarding implementation of the court directives to initiate proceeding to declare Hussain Nawaz and Hasan Nawaz as proclaimed offenders for consistent absence from the proceeding.

As the 30-day deadline given to Hassan and Hussain to appear before the court for hearing of the case against them to void being declared proclaimed offender and confiscation of assets expired last week, the court resumed proceeding today.

The brothers, who reside outside Pakistan, are accused in all three references ordered by the Supreme Court in its July 28 verdict in the Panama Papers case: Avenfield properties, Azizia Steel Mills and Hill Metals Establishment, and Flagship Investment Ltd.

At the outset of the court today’s hearing, a NAB prosecutor sought the court to went into shirt recess as head of NAB prosecution team was on the way to the court.

The prosecutor told the court that their head was coming from Lahore and due to dense fog he got late. He will be reaching the court shortly hence a short recess be taken, the NAB man pleaded.

Upon this the court went into brief recess. When the court reassembled,  the NAB team submitted a report on four bank accounts of Hussain Nawaz.

The court was informed that Hussain’s accounts possess $3992, 4272 Euros, 207 pounds and Rs382,381, respectively.

The prosecution team informed the court that the brothers own no properties in areas operated by the Lahore Development Authority and Defence Housing Authority. They added that a reply is awaited from Bahria Town and the Lahore deputy commissioner.

Detailing the process of declaring them proclaimed offenders, the prosecutor informed the judge that they sent notices through the Foreign Office to post on the Avenfield flats of the Sharifs in London.

The court also recorded the statements of investigation officers Mohammad Kamran in the Flagship Reference, Mehboob Alam in the Al Azizia reference and Imran Dogar in the Avenfiled reference.

The NAB prosecutor then pleaded the court to declare the two proclaimed offenders as the process of ensuring their presence has been completed.

The court then adjourned the hearing until tomorrow, when it will also take up the hearing of the three references against the Sharif family.

Last week, the thirty-day deadline given to Hussain and Hasan to appear before the accountability court hearing corruption cases against them expired.

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