Cattle Prices Tumble 25% Because of Rains in Karachi


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As heavy rains hit the city of Karachi, the price of sacrificial animals also crashed. Cattle owners say that they reduced their demanded prices by 15 to 25 percent but buyers are still not willing to pay the amount.

Reportedly, about 3 temporary and 2 permanent cattle markets cater to the city’s growing demand. They offer a variety of animals but the owners are facing difficulties this time around.

Pakistan’s Met Dept predicted heavy rains which hit Karachi last night. Even now various parts of the metropolis are facing heavy downpour. The city received 130 mm rainfall so far. Rains have disrupted everyday life in Karachi, with cattle markets bearing the brunt of it.

In Karachi the 3 temporary cattle markets are Sohrab Goth cattle market, Hamelin and the last one is at FTC near Shahrah-e-Faysal, which was established only for Eid-ul-Azha. Memon Goth and Bhains Colony markets are permanent ones.

Due to the lack water drainage system, the rain water flooded the roads and blocked various pathways to the Bakra Mandis.

Cattle merchants says that this is the worst Eid-ul-Azha season they’ve seen since the last decade.

One of the cattle merchants, Sarang, told ProPakistani that situation is not bearable and they wish to sell their animals as soon as possible but the number of buyers visiting the market is low. This has forced them to reduce the prices by 15 to 25 percent.

“An animal sold for Rs. 100,000 a few days back is now being sold for Rs. 80000 but no one is willing to buy. In this situation we have to take the animals back or sell them at a much lower price.” Sarang told ProPakistani

Due to rain water the passages of the markets are filled with dirt and slippery mud, limiting buyer movement.

President of Cattle and Dairy association, Shakir Umar, told ProPakistani that the situation in all 5 cattle markets is dreary. Livestock department should start vaccination of animals and the market management should prepare a dry place for the animals to keep them safe.

He said,

There is an urgent need for bacteria killing chemical sprays at the cattle markets. Live stock department must send doctors to prevent potential disease outbreaks.

Due to heavy rain the animals can’t dry themselves and are unable to take proper rest due to the wet land.

There is a fear of outbreak mouth & foot, Gal-Ghotu (Acute infectious disease of cattle, sheep and other animals) in cattle markets.

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