Caught on stump mic: Sarfraz’s take on Kohli’s swearing


By Shoaib Jatt

Pakistan captain Sarfraz Ahmed had a hilarious take on Virat Kohli’s swearing which was caught on stump microphone.

“The problem is when Virat Kohli is caught swearing, people like him but if someone among us does the same, he will draw a lot of criticism,” Sarfraz told Samaa TV.

“They (Indian cricketers) do it quite a lot. It’s a normal practice there. Recently Dhoni’s video also surfaced. If Sarfraz abuses someone, Twitter is flooded with criticism.”

The Indian captain was caught swearing on the stump microphone at the SuperSport Park in Centurion, South Africa in January this year.

The incident occurred just before the Tea break on Day 2 in the second Test between India and South Africa when the situation was in India’s favour with Murali Vijay batting alongside Kohli.

“Shaam tak khelenge, inki g***d fat jaegi” (If we can play until the evening they will be scared ****less”),” the stump mic caught Kohli saying.

Story first published: 6th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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