CDA Fails to Implement e-Services Despite Spending Rs 43 Million Over 8 Years


Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) revealed that a loss of over Rs 43 million was incurred to the national exchequer in the installation of e-services software for the Capital Development Authority (CDA).


This was revealed in the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication which met with Shahi Syed in the chair on Tuesday.

The committee was given a detailed account on the matter of installation of e-services software at Capital Development Authority (CDA) by M/s LMK Resources Pakistan Ltd and was told that the process of verification of 18 different modules of the e-services software will take a period of around 2-3 months.


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The Committee Chairman Shahi Syed expressed concerns over the delay in resolving the issue of e-services and noted that this agenda will not lapse with the end of current government’s tenure and will be carried forward for the upcoming Committee after Senate elections. The Committee will present its interim report on the status of the matter and new members will take the work from this stage.

Representatives from Federal Investigation Agency gave a briefing to the Committee regarding the inquiry being conducted on the matter of contract violations, wrong payments, and delay due to reluctance in the deployment of e-systems and software on part of the CDA.

The Committee was told that the lack of capacity and resistance to change on part of CDA were the main problems causing this delay.


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A member of the CDA told the committee that focal persons for verification of software modules have been notified and verification procedure will take another 2-3 months. It was suggested that the inquiry, which at present is tilted against the private company, should be balanced and CDA should be made time-bound to provide a future work plan.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) official informed that a loss of over Rs 43 million was incurred and the project was delayed by around 8 years.

The committee observed that the payment to the private company was made in violation of rules and directed FIA to continue its inquiry and find those responsible for negligence in the project implementation.

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